Band Performing on Stage


Video and Audio Productions

I-Studios is a student-run production team creating music and video. This team is a Co-op between Music Production Club, M1 Crew, and others. These teams collaborate together to organize video, music, and more. Supervised by people in the field of film and music, this group brings IHS Music and IHS Events to life.


Our Studio

Our Equipment and Studio

I-Studios Mainly Operates out of the recording studio located in the music Department. This space is both used for audio and video productions and is open for students to use and developed their skills. 

IHS houses the only recording high school recording studio in the state. 

I-Studios also utilizes some of the newest equipment including top-of-the-line soundboards, Mixers, Mics, Instruments, and editing software for both video and audio. This equipment brings students closer to the professional level of productions. 


In the Works

What I-Studios is creating now

I-Studios is creating multiple videos for classes and is working to publish a full mass album with all the songs we sing at mass.


Feature Length Productions